Entertainment Jobs

Thrill Brokers offers to its client entertainment services that range from guided tours to dancing and beach parties. Therefore, we have many entertainment jobs available for qualified individuals. We are always on the lookout for friendly, fun, and outgoing individuals who can be guides and companions to our clients in their quest for fun and entertainment. These individuals will be our representatives in various cities around the world. So no matter where you are, we are interested in hearing from you if ...

  • you are intelligent, fun, friendly, outgoing, and cool
  • you are familiar with the various entertainment options available in your city
  • you can organize fun outings for our clients, which can include sightseeing, camping, visiting clubs, going to concerts and shows, and various sports activities
  • make hotel and travel arrangements

In addition, we are on the lookout for individuals with the following qualifications to meet specialty needs:

  • athletic individuals to organize sports activities for clients. This could range from playing tennis or squash with a client who needs a partner to organizing hiking and camping trips for groups.
  • models or model-material individuals to escort select clients to events, parties, shows, etc. Please note that these activities are NOT sexual in nature. Sex is not implied or involved.
  • party animals! You must be the type of person who can enter a room full of boring people and build up their excitement to party level

Please note that the work is not full time. You get paid per event that you host. The number of events depends varies by city and type.

If you are interested, please fill in our entertainment jobs application. Your application will remain confidential and private, and will never be posted or made public in any way (review our privacy policy). We will let you know within 2 business days if your application has been accepted and will send you instructions on how to proceed.

To apply, fill in the jobs application


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