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Below are three sample excerpts of plans that we prepared for different clients. Each client receives his or her own customized plan based on the requirements and personal description that they provide. Please note that the texts were edited when necessary to maintain the confidentiality of the clients.

Plan for Adam, 28 years old, single, lives in Atlanta
I am your typical nerd guy. I am shy and have trouble socializing. I tried online dating, but had no luck there. I am looking for a relationship, but also I want to have fun as you advertise on your website. I would like to go out and have a good time but I don't want to go out on my own and I do not have any sociable friends I can go out with.

Hi Adam. My name is Sylva and I am handling your case personally. We are not going to work on finding you a date for an evening. That is a solution for just a few hours and we are more interested in helping you for the long term. If you prefer, a one-evening solution, please let me know, and I will revise your plan. As it is, here is your plan as I see fit:

I would like to introduce you to Angela (photo attached). She is an entertainment companion who lives in Atlanta and works with us from time to time. I chose Angela because she is a techie, loves computer games, and shares several interests as yourself. You will find it easy to relate and talk to Angela Angela will not be your date, but rather your friend and companion. In fact, Angela is a lesbian and is not interested much in dating men. However, Angela is a people's person - she is extremely sociable, loves to talk and hang out, and behaves just like one of the guys.

Angela's job is to help you work on your social skills so that you will find it easy to mingle with people. She will be your companion for four different evening over a period of one month during which you will both go out, meet a lot of people, and have a great time. She will take you to nightclubs, bars, and parties, help you mingle, introduce you to new friends, and make it easy for you to interact with others. At the end of the month, you will have made many new friends and will have become familiar with various spots where you can hang out with friendly people. Most importantly, you will be able pick up a beer, approach total strangers, and pick up a conversation without feeling uneasy or shy.

Plan for Jody, 34 years old, single

Hi, my name is Jody. I feel a bit awkward about using your service. I have not done something like this before. I am looking to have some fun. I work 10 hours every day and I am really tired and bored. I have been in town for 5 months now and still do not have any friends. I feel really lonely and can use some cheering up.

Hi Jody. We are assigning your case to Kate (photo attached). Kate is extremely sociable and outgoing, and she can easily win a beauty queen contest. You probably were expecting to be matched with a guy, but this is way more fun.

Kate is going to take you out on a Saturday night at your earliest convenience. Her goal for that evening is to make you forget all about work and worries of life and to just enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Your evening is going to start around 4:00PM. Kate is going to take you to an exclusive sports club. You two will start with a sensual massage session in a private room given by the club's licensed massage therapists. It is so relaxing you will have trouble staying awake. Next comes a 30 minute session in the steam room where you and Kate can continue your girl-to-girl talk. Be prepared because Kate is pretty much uninhibited and will be talking about some really heavy stuff.

After the steam room, comes the first important part of the evening ... cooling down in the pool. Don't forget you bikini! You will find things starting to warm up again pretty quickly when Kate starts flirting with all those athletic guys at the pool. By the time your swim is over, Kate will have secured two guys to take the two of you out for dinner and dancing.


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