Entertainment Services

Do you need some fun and excitement in your life? Thrill Brokers specializes in providing fun and entertainment services to individuals or groups. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you with a custom-tailored solution and, in most cases, an entertainment companion to tag along and make sure you have the best time possible.

After studying your request, an entertainment representative will prepare for you a complete entertainment plan that best suits your needs. The plan will be custom tailored for you specifically. See some sample plans we have prepared for other clients.

We offer a wide range of entertainment plans. The most common services we provide are:




We will provide you with a "party animal" companion to take you to various nightlife entertainment such as nightclubs, bars, shows, concerts. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you may also go to restaurants, go cruising, or visit trendy spots in town.




Are you shy, but would like to mingle with the "in" crowd? We can introduce you to "cool" people with whom you can hang out and have a blast. From hanging out with the cool and hip to the trendy socialites, we can arrange it all.




Did you miss out on all the partying and fun when you were a teenager? Still wondering what a beach party is all about? Here is your chance to make up for it or to relive your partying days!




Would you like to visit dream destinations but don't know how to go about arranging the travels? Are you tired of being burned by your travel agent and online reservations systems? We can arrange your complete travel plans and a personal local tour guide to make sure you visit the places you really want to go to, you experience the local culture, and enjoy all that your destination has to offer.




Beautiful women and handsome men to escort you to events, shows, restaurants, parties, etc. Enjoy the company of beautiful and intelligent companions and find out what you were missing.




We are not one of those hundreds of online dating systems out there that charge you $25 for unlimited access. What we offer you is a chance to get introduced to someone who shares your tastes and dreams. We do not offer computer dating or matching. We have representatives who review each case individually and manually to determine the perfect fit. And if we cannot find the perfect fit, we will tell you so instead of trying to match you with someone else!



What are your dreams? Sunbathing on a perfect white sand beach? Swimming under a waterfall? Dancing with a beautiful model? Spending an evening with the rich elite? Hanging out with some of the coolest men and women in town? Spending a weekend camping with fun people?

No matter what you want, let us know ... we probably can help you out.

We can take your dream and translate it to reality. The way it works is you tell us what you want and a little bit about yourself. One of our representatives will then take your case and prepare the best entertainment plan for you and send you a copy. All this is free of charge and you are under no obligations whatsoever. Try it out for free. All our services are private and discrete.

If you have questions about our service, you may review our questions and answers page. If your questions are not answered or you have any comments you would like to send us, please visit our contact page.


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